Hi, I’m Sarah, a gadabout, adventurer, globe-trotting mom of 3. 


Swimming with the Great White Sharks in South Africa.

Growing up in a small Indiana town, I often yearned for more culture & diversity. Fortunately, my parents traveled quite frequently, that’s how my love for travel began. I realized there was so much more to see, do & feel.  I have continued to travel & visit as many new destinations as I possibly can. The best part, for me, is finding a good deal on a great location.  I have developed a knack for finding travel deals and have an extensive number of resources I’ll be sharing with my readers. Along with travel tips, I’ll be sharing my favorite locations, & travel resources.


Hiking Nyiragongo in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Travel is more than a destination, every new place I see only makes me want to  experience more of this world.  It’s not just the scenery that is so beautiful but the culture, people, food, & experiences that make every new city or country so exciting and intriguing.  I want everyone to see the world, even if it’s only through my eyes, photos, and words. Follow me through my journey of Life & travel, there is so much left for me to see & I want to bring you along with me on every new adventure.


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